SCC Platform – simplifying secure communication from request to award

From September 2019, all new SCC arbitrations are administered on the SCC Platform – a secure digital platform for communication and file sharing between the SCC, the parties and the tribunal.

The SCC Platform provides participants with a secure and efficient way of communicating and filing all case materials in the arbitration, such as procedural orders, submissions and exhibits, and will constitute the forum through which the SCC communicates with the parties, counsel and arbitrators throughout the proceedings.

In addition, the site contains a calendar for relevant dates and deadlines and a notice board for the tribunal to communicate practical information to the parties as well as provides the tribunal with an archiving service after the arbitration has been terminated.

Upon receipt of a request for arbitration, the case is allocated its own individual “site” on the SCC Platform to which the participants in the arbitration will be invited. Only participants in the arbitration will be provided access to the site.

The SCC is proud to be among the first institutions in the world to offer this service.

Since May 2020, also offers the Ad Hoc Platform, providing secure and efficient communication also in ad hoc arbitrations.

During Autumn 2019, the SCC was on a World Tour, discussing cyber security and digitalization within arbitration and showcasing the new SCC Platform. The tour continues online though the SCC Online Seminar series.